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Serving the Residents and Visitors in our beautiful valley near Canterbury
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Until Recently the Arc-Angels were organised by Denis and Christine Osborne and they with other helpers sometimes met at their home in North Elham or went on adventure trips and visits. Sadly Denis died last year and since then we have been looking for others who can take on the vitally important work with local young people. If you feel that you can offer time, some experience and are willing to have a CRB check please let the Churchwardens or local clergy know.


 ARC-ANGELS: were a group for local young people at secondary school

Arc-Angels were secondary school students who live in and around Elham, who met on the first Sunday afternoon each month, often at The Arc, North Elham.  (Hence the name they chose for the group.)  There was a choice of swimming, indoor or outdoor games and always tea and a short discussion and prayers.  

Sometimes there were trips to bowling at Ashford, cycling at Fowlmead and canoeing at Hythe. We  were always open to (practical!) suggestions.   Numbers coming varied and the group was nearly closed because of low numbers around the end of 2012.  Since then between 9 and 17 have come most months.   The photos show different activities from this year and earlier years. 

Arc-Angels started some 9 years ago as a joint initiative of St Mary’s and the Methodist Churches in Elham.  At first all members went to a church, now most of them never go.  Several are from families without connections with any church as far as we know.  Getting them to show any interest in church is difficult.  Some say they do not like church services in general and are put off by ritual and language they do not understand.  However they usually listen when we talk about Jesus and life today and join in suggesting things to pray for and are usually quiet when we pray and give thanks to God.

There were four leaders, all members of St Mary’s - Jill Rosenz, Lynda Vincent , Denis and Christine Osborne; and there were two assistant leaders - Geoff Hirst and Richard Hinds.  Some parents helped occasionally though we tried to avoid using parents of any one of the Arc-Angels too often.  Parents or guardians were shown a Risk Assessment and need to sign Consent Forms for those attending.