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Serving the Residents and Visitors in our beautiful valley near Canterbury
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For all those church and non-church members who wish to help our 12th. Century Church through activities and fund raising. Contact Peter Bell for details 01303 840 256

St. Mary's Church would like to give a huge vote of thanks to the Friends of St. Mary's for their latest projects. The floodlighting of the church Tower and  mending of the lights on the gate pillars is a tremendous enhancement of this beautiful medieval building at the heart of our village. and the work currently being done inside the church repairing and painting the walls will similarly enhance the interior.

A brief report from Friends of St. Marys to APCM 2016


During February 2015 FOSM paid the bill from Williams (Roofing Contractors) -£4,400. At the end of March the committee organised a mail drop around the village and upto about a 2/3 mile radius. A letter set out briefly the works that had been carried out to help maintain the church since FOSM had been formed – in the region of £30,000. A form was enclosed to encourage direct debits. We felt this was successful having created 20 new d/d and some one off contributions.


A charity golf afternoon was arranged in June and well supported by local business and individuals at Etchinghill. A net sum of £3200 was raised –there will be another golf afternoon arranged in about 2/3 years. The vast majority of those took part would like to support us again.


Daphne Joynes gave an illustrated talk in early December – The Annunciation by John Ward RA, in Elham Church. Very well attended, not only because of interest in the subject but also Daphne is well known as a fine lecturer. This was the opportunity to use the new screen and projector purchased by FOSM for use by Janice to enhance many of the PCC, school and brownies illustrated projects. FOSM purchased ( approx £1500) for the use in the church as the new equipment is relatively sophisticated with sound and future illustrated lectures in the church will allow people to sit at the rear of the church and have perfect vision with the new enlarged screen – we can therefore cater for larger audiences.


Patrick Wheeler took a series of photographs of the John Ward painting , which he successfully created into attractive notelet/thank you cards which may be purchased from Patrick at any of the forth coming events.


Peter Bell.