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Serving the Residents and Visitors in our beautiful valley near Canterbury
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Elham Saint Mary
Elham Methodist
Elham Roman Catholic
ECUMENICAL  Inter-church Relations National and Local
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Local Ecumenism
The Churches in Elham have for many years worked together.  There are three Christian denominations, Anglican, Methodist and Roman Catholic. They share the Sunday School,  Anglicans and Methodists have frequent joint services and join together in Bible Study and some Social activities.  Local Roman Catholics use the Anglican Church for a monthly Mass.
We are aware however, that this is only a start.  Joint services are not always popular and we often find it difficult to share our vision in effective ways.  Not only does unity and mission find inspiration in the John 17 prayer of Jesus, but it is embodied in the 'Our' Father as we pray for the coming kingdom so we look for opportunities for further cooperation and ultimate unity.  This joint web site and the logo at the top of a ship is a symbol of that aim.