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Serving the Residents and Visitors in our beautiful valley near Canterbury
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Church Matters
 CHURCH MATTERS in Elham Newsletter 


APRIL 2017

Dear Friends,

  ‘On the third day He will raise us up.’ (Hosea 6:2)

We will soon be journeying through ‘Holy Week’ the week that ends Lent finally at the tomb. Hosea’s words invite us in this very present moment to a response to return to God, to once again come back to our first love to find healing and a binding up of our wounds. We are invited to be raised up ourselves and find through Jesus’ resurrection life and healing.

As the women disciples made their way to Jesus’ tomb on Easter morning they had one big problem. Who would roll away the stone?

‘There was a man who had a row with his father, as a result of which he hadn’t spoken to his father for several years, even though they lived only a few miles apart. He was an only child; the mother had deserted the family. So now the father was living alone. His world was getting smaller and darker with each day that passed. He wasn’t yet dead, but in a sense, he was already in the tomb.’ (Flor McCarthy, SDB)

It is amazing the power Jesus had to raise people from the dead but we can do the same. The son in the story had the power to roll away the stone from his father’s tomb. With a word of reconciliation or gesture of love he could set his father free form his tomb of loneliness and rejection. And, in reaching out to his father he would have helped himself too. It is one of the lovely compensations of life that we cannot raise another without raising ourselves also.

‘It isn’t the things you do,

it’s the things you leave undone,

which give you a little heartache

at the setting of the sun.

The gentle word forgotten,

the letter you didn’t write;

the flowers you might have sent,

are your haunting ghosts tonight.

The stone you might have lifted

out of your brother’s way;

the little heart-felt counsel

you were hurried too much to say.

The tender touch of the hand,

the gentle and kindly tone;

which we have no time or thought for,

with troubles enough of our own. (Anon)


‘On the third day He will raise us up.’ (Hosea 6:2)

Happy Easter!

Services for APRIL


2nd       8am Eucharist BCP                9.30am Passion Sunday Sung Eucharist

9th        8am Eucharist BC                  9.15am Palm Sunday Sung Eucharist with Procession

13th      7.30pm Maundy Thursday Sung Eucharist with washing of the feet and Vigil

14th      9.30am Good Friday Procession of Witness Starting at the Methodist Church

16th      8am Eucharist BCP                9.30am Easter Day Sung Eucharist

23rd      8am Eucharist BCP                9.30am Sung Eucharist and Baptism with APCM at noon


METHODIST CHURCH:                   All services will be at 9.30am unless otherwise stated

2nd       Passion Sunday    Terry Preston

9th        Palm Sunday    Valley Service   Revd. Kevin Taylor

16th      Easter Day   United Service at Rhodes Minnis - Holy Communion

23rd      Colin Pearson

30th        Ian Couchman

Our church organ is in urgent need of an overhaul and repairs and the proceeds of this concert will go towards the cost of preserving this instrument for future generations.

More information about the concert and details of ticket sales will appear in April’s Newsletter.  It would be wonderful if D’Arcy could play to a packed church.