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Serving the Residents and Visitors in our beautiful valley near Canterbury
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Church Matters
 CHURCH MATTERS in Elham Newsletter 


July & August 2017


Dear Friends,

After one and a half years of living with you in our beautiful four villages of Elham, Acrise and Wootton and Denton; when I write these two words ‘Dear Friends,’ it is no longer just on paper, that I call you friends but in my heart.

The Bishop on appointing me back to Parish Ministry from Prison Ministry some 7 years ago said that I would not find it that much different! I questioned his judgement? But, in one way they are in juxtaposition to each other and in another exactly the same.

We are all human and have wounds and hurts as did those first apostles living in hiding filled with doubt, grief, fear, failure and above all by a sense of inadequacy before the coming of the Holy Spirit. A great task had been entrusted to them yet they had neither the strength, nor the will to begin it! But, after Pentecost they were changed people.

We are no different and our wounds and our hurts keep us from realising our true and full selves. We need someone to awaken us to what is inside us; someone who will bid us to live and help us to grow.

For us just as for Jesus that someone is the Holy Spirit. The power that changed the apostles is available to us too; this mysterious power within us gives us life and helps us grow.

The poet Pablo Neruda said: ‘I want to do with you what the Spring does with cherry trees.’ That is what the Holy Spirit of God does.

Enjoy your garden!


Services for JULY

St. Mary’s:                                                                             Methodist Church: 

                                                                                                Services at 9.30 a.m. unless stated                                                                         

2nd   8am Eucharist BCP   9.30am Sung Eucharist                2nd Mrs. Val Redding

9th   8am Eucharist BCP   9.30am Sung Eucharist                9th Rev. Derek Hancock

16th8am Eucharist BCP   9.30am The Third Sunday           16th Rev. Robin Blount (HC)

23rd 8am Eucharist BCP   9.30am Sung Eucharist                23rd Valley Service at Lyminge 

30th10am Benefice Eucharist at Wootton                            30th Rev. Sam Funnell

Services for AUGUST

St. Mary’s:                                                                           Methodist Church:

                                                                      Services at 9.30 a.m. unless stated

6th   8am Eucharist BCP    9.30am Benefice Communion     6th Deacon Carys Woodley

BCP at Acrise - Archdeacon Phillip visiting.

13th8am Eucharist BCP   9.30am Sung Eucharist              13th Rev. Kevin Taylor (HC)

20th8am Eucharist BCP   9.30am Sung Eucharist              20th  Richard Blackwell    

27th8am Eucharist BCP   9.30am Sung Eucharist              27th  Jim Wilson



to help shape the future of St Mary’s in Elham - Sunday July 9th at 3.30pm in the church

Young and old and everyone in between are most welcome. Whether you come to church or not, if you have views on any of the following we would love to hear from you.

What sort of services should we be offering and what days and times would suit you best?

What else can we offer the community.

How can we raise enough money to maintain and run the church (we have some big enhancements planned).                                                       


The new photograph of the John Ward painting of the Annunciation (in the belfry) has now been hung near the entrance to the vestry in St.Mary's, Elham.  Greetings cards of the picture are available to buy, after the church services, or from Diana Wheeler (tel. 840310) or Churchwardens.